Business Solution

Ever felt that you can multiply your efficiency ten-folds simply by accessing the right tools?

InfoNet has the expertise to understand your environment and prescribe the right solutions that is custom fit to your business and budget.With an in-depth understanding on system design, network configuration, operations planning, and report design, we have successfully implemented several solutions for clients from all various industries.

InfoNet takes the time to understand your strategic objectives, and together with the assistance of a fleet of highly trained engineers to help you jumpstart everything from scratch if necessary. Successful system implementation demands not only business expertise, but also service commitment to our customers. With our strong 18-year track record within the industry, we are definitely offering our customer a long-term service commitment.

Our unique combination of networking and accounting services offer a structured process from analysis and design to implementation and on-going maintenance.

Currently, our business system solutions include :

Consulting Services
InfoNet will pioneer the project along side with our customers, giving professional advice from analyzing the company - s objectives to successful implementation of the solutions into their existing business environment. Our consultant will also be able to share their experience on how best the solutions can custom fit into their existing structure.

Installation and Implementation
InfoNet key differentiating factor is our ACCPAC qualified installers, along with our Microsoft Certified Network Engineers, can help you install and implement on multiple platforms (eg. Sun, Microsoft & Linux) and databases (eg Pervasive SQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle 9i) so as to avoid having to deal with multiple vendors. InfoNet will install and configure the ACCPAC® software, within your technology framework, and we will work with your organization in converting existing data and setting up ACCPAC® from an business perspective, keeping in mind reporting options and alternatives that are now possible with the ACCPAC's Windows-based products.

Understanding how the system works for you is crucial and that is why InfoNet believe in investing on the best training programs customized according to company needs - to help increase productivity. InfoNet will not only train your organization's accounting department on the use of the software in the day- to-day operation of your organization, we will also teach our customers advanced features of ACCPAC® including the generation of management information reports for decision making. InfoNet offers both classroom and one-on-one training programs customized to suit your needs.


In order to keep a constant workflow, customization of the software is definitely necessary in certain environment. With that in mind, InfoNet is capable of molding your ACCPAC system to better suit your needs when needed.

Report Design

By utilizing Crystal Reports, we can design high-caliber reports to display your accounting data that makes sense to you.

E-Business Solutions

With ACCPAC eTransact™, we are able to help create an instant shop front on the Web quickly and efficiently.

Post Installation Support Services
InfoNet provides telephone and on-site support services to ensure smooth operation of the business management software within your environment, and to answer user and technological questions that may arise from time-to-time. This includes the provision of a full range of ACCPAC®DATABASE REPAIR services.

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