Authorised Service Provider

At the nerve of our operations is the Call Centre. We have experienced call agents and technical helpdesk engineers to provide quick response to customer queries via telephone lines. In addition, we have a fleet of vans and team of trained and experienced field engineers to provide island-wide on-site support.

Authorised Services Provider
InfoNet is the ASP for leading vendors such as ViewSonic and Infocus.

Services Resource Centre
The main role of the Service Resource Centre is to provide prompt and efficient IT support and services to customers. The Centre services products under warranty and maintenance contracts and handles immediate technical queries and problems via fax, e-mail and direct telephone lines, through the Call Centre. The services that the Service Resource Centre provides include :

- Call Centre Operations
- Help Desk
- Service Counter Operations
- Authorised Collection Centre
- Field Servicing
- Indoor Repairs
- Third party repair and out-of-warranty service
- Extended Warranty Service
- D.I.Y / Upgrading Services

Training Services
InfoNet have developed a full line of Business and Professional Development programmes that answers even the most stringent needs for skills and innovations, of any businesses as well as individuals. The programmes range from professional IT certification courses to corporate development courses.

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